Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank You!

Earlier this month a staff group of 10 women and 2 brave men headed up to McAllen, Texas to serve the orphan child in a slightly different way...

We sorted and dehangered (I know that is not a real word) clothing, 20,000 pieces of clothing to be exact!

A women's clothing company donated 20,000 pieces of extra inventory from past seasons and had it shipped to a warehouse near the Mexican boarder. This clothing is a huge blessing for Back2Back because once we get it into Mexico we are able to put on fashion shows with the clothes and then ask for donations which apply towards tuition for our Hope Education Program. The donations from these clothes last year helped to pay for almost all of the highschool and college tuition expenses for the female teens, which is a very large sum of money! We are very thankful for the genorosity of this company!
20,000 pieces of clothing require alot of boxes!!
Betty, Kathy, Caroling, Christy, Cathy and Ruby hard at work!

Great teamwork Rosa and Betty!

All of the loads bagged and ready to go!

After 2 days, 20 hours of work, and 2 hours at Target, the weekend was a success!


Last weekend we took the SMCA kids and families on a 5 day trip to Mexico City. I am in the process of sorting through the pictures and I will attempt to post another blog very soon!


I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for in this season of my life! One huge blessing is that we recieved the book grant that I spoke of last month! Praise the Lord! I will keep you updated as we begin moving forward on purchasing books.

Thank you for your continual prayers. I truely do thank God each time that I remember you! I look forward to the day when I can meet with you face to face and share about the work that God is doing through your partnership with this ministry! I could not be here with your your prayers, support and encouragement. I pray that you take time to pour out your thankfulness to God this Thanksgiving season. Even in times of trouble his faithfulness and goodness never ceases to astound me!

With a grateful heart,


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall Fun!

Every Fall the SMCA parents put on a Fall Festival for the staff kids and families! It is a fun night complete with costumes, games, apple cider (which is a rare treat in Mexico), a hayride and a bonfire!

My roommates and I decided to come dressed as condiments. We had BBQ Sauce, Mustard, Salt, Pepper, and Pickle Relish!
Here are all the SMCA kids and teachers!

I am so blessed by the community that I live in. I praise the Lord for all of the relationships that he has placed in this season of my life! Whether you are in Mexico, Michigan, or scatter across the US and the World, I value your friendship!
With Joy,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome to My World!

I thought that it would be fun to show you a part of my world here in Mexico by welcoming you into my apartment and school! I am sorry for the poor video quality, good thing I am better at teaching than I am at filming! Also, at the end of the video I ran out of memory, so I get cut off. All you missed was me saying "Goodbye!"

Enjoy the tour!