Why is Jessica in Mexico?

This year I am serving with Back2Back Ministries!  

Back2Back (B2B) Ministries:

Back2Back Mexico exists to serve the abandoned and neglected children of Monterrey, Mexico. By connecting mission groups from the United States with children's homes in Mexico, Back2Back is able to meet the physical needs of the children while also serving them spiritually. Back2Back has grown to support over 500 children in ten separate children's homes, over 1,000 impoverished families living at the Rio and Cadereyta communities, and 39 teens in the HOPE program (25 students at the high school level and 14 students at the college level).

Additionally, over 10,000 American youths and adults have been able to strengthen their relationships with God by visiting Back2Back Mexico's facilities and by working on mission teams to support the organization's cause. Through these partnerships, Back2Back is able to provide "care for today and hope for tomorrow" to the children of Monterrey, Mexico.

Back2Back Mexico Vision: That we would reach every child God brings into our path by meeting their personal needs, developing a long-term relationship with them, and by supporting their spiritual growth that they may establish a personal relationship with the Lord.

Back2Back Mexico Mission: To provide "care for today and hope for tomorrow" to orphans, unwed mothers, and poverty stricken people of Latin-America. This is accomplished through service teams, evangelism, and education.

Sierra Madre Christian Academy:
My role with B2B is to teach the kids of the missionaries! I teach grades 4-7 at the Sierra Madre Christian Academy. The work that a missionary does is so valuable to showing the love of Christ, and in order for them to be able to raise a family abroad; they need to have a peace-of-mind that their children will receive a quality education. I desire to serve the families in Monterrey so that they can continue to show God’s love to so many precious children!

For more information on Back2Back, check out their website at back2backministries.org.