Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jumprope Jes


I have a quick moment to jump on the internet, so I thought I would share a few pictures of the past week here in Namibia! My time here is flying by! My days are filled with teaching 5/6th grade math and social studies in the morning, and helping lead dance classes in the afternoons. I feel so blessed by the work God has given me to do here! Two of my favorite things- teaching and dancing- just happen to be two of the big needs here! Praise the Lord that he equips us and leads us to specific tasks that use the abilities he has given us!

Here are a few quick pictures:

Jumping rope with my stuents at break time!

A few of my students- Melvin, Rachele and Rudy.

Jill teaching her 4th grade class. These are what the classrooms look like. 

Afrikaans class is almost finished, so I have to run and teach some math- division with length, here we come! I said I would be happy to teach Afrikaans... that got a good laugh out of us all!

Please be praying that God continues to build relationships amoung our team and the local people. Specifically that I will develop some strong connections with the teachers here and learn how to encourage them in their work.

Love from across the miles!

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  1. Teaching and dancing...two biggest needs. Of course, what a perfect fit. I like the pictures!